Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Picture to the Contrary, Not a Religious Post

Somebody in my neighborhood thinks I need religion. I'm not gonna lie, I could use some. a lot. We didn't do a single thing this holiday weekend. I only went outside yesterday evening for about 20 10 minutes to let the girls get some energy out. Jasmyne chased Taylar, Taylar chased Jasmyne. They went out-of-bounds and we came in. Had baths, got their hair braided up and went to bed. Saturday and Sunday, didn't step foot out the door. So they had plenty of time to do it.

This morning, Lee wasn't home from his domino game yet, so I packed the babies in the van and headed off to work. Couldn't be early enough to take Alexa to school, of course. I mean, I kinda figured she needed to figure out for herself how difficult crutches would be. I suppose I could've made the time to take her. I did drop Lee's shirts off at the cleaners, after all. I coulda skipped that and made him have to starch and iron his own shirt... Yeah, prolly shoulda done that.... Who am I kidding? I'm not winning a parent of the year award anytime soon ever.

Anyway, back to my story... I have the babies in the van and am driving through the lot, when I noticve something under my windshield wiper. Not something small like a flier, no. This was a full-size Bible. I stopped the van and got out to grab it. About this time, some lady I've seen around the complex before walks past. I tell her someone's left me a treat, since she's watching my shenanigans. I look inside, someone's torn out the dedication page. Strange. So either one of my neighbors thinks I need religion or possibly, they tried out a church on Sunday, were given a Bible and decided it wasn't for them and passed it along.

So on our way to daycare Taylar mentions she might like to have That Bible Book. I figure, what's the harm? And let her have it. She takes it in to daycare with her. I tell the story to Taylar's teacher, 'cause she's awfully curious as to why my three-year-old has a real Bible with her. Apparently during the day Taylar told her “Shhh, you has to be quiet, I'm reading my Bible Story.” I told Lee I'd let her take it in. He said something about them having to watch out for Holy-Roller Taylar today.

I did skip the weird interactions I had on the way to the car. Usually, there's no one around when we're heading out. Well, maybe the one upstairs furthest from the parking lot. Today, there was the father of the people directly upstairs and I guess it's his friend coming toward the apartments as we were leaving. One was barefoot and we weren't going fast at all, so since I was carrying Jasmyne, we stepped off onto someone's sidewalk off the main one, to let the guys pass. With a retaining wall of timbers on one side and a yard full of doggie “surprises” on the other, two people can't pass without touching. You're taking your shoes' life into your hands walking in the grass, so usually one person waits while another passes. Unless they're not from here and just cutting through.

Off topic again... So the barefoot guy goes past, but the other one stays and waits for us. I'd said I was waiting because we weren't moving very fast. The barefoot guy said the other wasn't going very fast, either. As soon as they got out of earshot, the tattle-tale lady walked closer and asked did they live above me? What apartment number is that? And she had her cell phone out like she was ready to speed-dial the apartment office. Ugh. She's the one who was calling a tow-truck when someone parked in her assigned space one afternoon.

This afternoon, the guy upstairs got home about the same time we did, but it had totally slipped my mind. I'm sure it had nothing to do with limpy trying to carry Jasmyne and her crutches and her school stuff... Anyway, later I heard noise on the balcony, so I went to let them know something might be up on the landlord front. 'Cause I'd like notice if that lady was ever calling about me. But anyway, that was that. How was your Labor Day weekend?

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