Thursday, June 4, 2009

ATM theft update

I think whoever took my wallet was looking for gas money, because a charge popped up in my account today. They spent $10.01 at a station I never go to. *Sigh*


  1. Hope you're cancelling that thing. You can't be paying for other people's gas! Sounds like you have had quite a bad go of things lately. Hope it gets better soon:) Thanks for stopping by my place.

  2. I got a call from my credit card company last week, verifying that I had bought gas in three states over the course of twelve hours.

    It took me a minute to remember that this Bonnie and Clyde moment was brought to me by my eldest, who had just driven home from college.

    I love my credit card company (Citibank, in case you want to switch). They do look out for me.

  3. Golly. At least the damage was only $10.01.


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