Monday, June 8, 2009

Update on the babies

Taylar’s latest is discovering the letter T. In words on the TV or around the house. It’s complete excitement and yelling when we find one. “T por Taylar! T por Taylar!” Then maybe some jumping up and down, a giggle, perhaps. Her favorite food is porcupines. She always picks them out of my salad. Of course, sometimes she asks to have “pony” for supper. I hope she means “pony food”, but chicken nuggets seem to work. And her name? Taylar Winn Peearro Gorgeous Aussa-girl. (Haven’t translated that last word yet.)

Jasmyne is just learning like crazy. She’s started singing some of her favorite songs spontaneously. She’s all about buckling her shoe. And counting around between 1 and 5, just not necessarily in the traditional order. Oh, and she’s gorgeous, just wait a while, she’ll tell you. I gorjus.


  1. I love listening to kids learn to talk. It seems my 2 year old has been making strides lately too!

  2. Very cute!! I love baby talk

    Your last post on the ATM gas purchase. Purse thieves like to try a simple purchase first to see if it works....

    Then they go nuts with your card if it did!!!! Get your credit report and check it. Also, it is free to put a warning into the big 3 credit agencies that your identity may have been stolen.

  3. And why would it matter if she counts in order?

    We'll call it "thinking outside the box." Genius.


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