Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Talk about your stupid post titles!

Today did not start off well. We not only didn't wake up early, we woke up pretty late. Lee was supposed to go get his driver's license this morning. Oops. Well, he better get on that. Last week, he got some tickets. Speeding of course. No license. And the third was supposed to be because the state inspection is expired, but they wrote down that the state registration was expired. Hopefully, that last one will be easily dismissed. He thinks if he goes and gets a license, which is a long, long story as to why he doesn't have one, it'll get dismissed. And the speeding part, he wants to take to the speeding ticket lawyer everyone uses. Anyway, I supose he better get on that so it doesn't accidentally turn into a warrant.

Apparently we had a miscommunication over whether he was bringing me breakfast at work or not. I'll spare you the details. For once. Anyway, I was starving by lunchtime so I made a less than nutritious chioce. Egg rolls are a food group, right?

I wish we had something better to do at our crappy jobs than check our disappearing 401(k)s which ensures we'll be stuck forever at our crappy jobs


  1. ugh, i hate the dmv and dealing with those asshats.

    love the cartoon.

  2. Eggrolls could technically be classified in several food groups.

    Chin up. Have a grand time standing in line at the DMV. SO much fun.(Take a book. Maybe two.)

  3. I LOVE eggrolls! Thanks for the comment about my losing weight by just sitting around and doing nothing. I have plans of scheduling for a complete blood work up with a new doctor and I will have her check my blood sugars also.

  4. Yes, DMV is a mighty fun place. Be sure and take your child with you. It's educational for her, and with all the people-exposure, she'll build up so many immunities!


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