Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Nightmares

Taylar had a nightmare last night. She cried for a minute and when she calmed down, her explanation was: “She put books on me.” At least, that’s what I thought I heard at 4:30. No. Bugs is what she was saying. The story trickled out that it was the daycare director who was putting bugs on her. She was absolutely positive there was a bug on her hand. I took my cell phone and used the light from it to show her there was no bug. Then there was one on her foot. Then they were all over her bed. No, those are just the triangles and squares. On my sheep? Yes, on your sheet. Then she pointed out to me which were triangles and which were squares.

Every minute or two, there was another supposed bug until I finally just put her in my bed, told her the bugs were afraid of Mommy’s bed and she needed to go to sleep. It worked, I guess, because I only heard one more peep out of her until I kicked her back into her bed at 6.

Now, which one of you put the sandpaper under my eyelids?

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  1. Ugh! My aunt used to keep a spray bottle with perfumed water in it for chasing "monsters" under the bed and in the closet. She called it "monster spray" or something like that and it worked. Maybe get some of that made up for those nights.


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