Thursday, August 27, 2009

Family Funtime

Seriously, where's the "sarcastic font" on this thing?

So Monday night, I get a call. It's Lee's sister. Is he there? No, he's working. (True story.) Does he not answer his phone while he's working? Not really. If you need him, you can call on his job phone. No, that's ok. Just give him a message. If he cares about his mother at all, call me. Otherwise I won't call him anymore.

Is there anything I can help with? Not really. Then she spills the story. I call Lee at work and tell him what little I know. And I hated to do it because I knew it was gonna piss him off, but I told him her ultimatum. But really, who actually likes being on the receiving end of an ultimatum?

So some of the story is from her and some is from him. I don't think I have any editorial comments. But I haven't typed it yet, have i?

Here goes.

Their mom had stopped taking her psych meds and started calling people telling them she was going to burn the house down with her and her youngest son inside. (He's quadriplegic from an accident.) Some lady believed her and came to the house. She started knocking on the door and wouldn't leave. Their mom kept repeating her story and told her to leave or she'd call the police. The lady wouldn't leave. Their mom called the police. She was belligerent with them when they arrived, plus she'd been drinking. Surprise, they took her away.

They apparently had no problems leaving a bedridden boy (ok, he's 23) home alone. Anyway, so the younger brother called the sister, who was trying to contact the other brothers. The other brother was acting like it was a huge imposition. Lee was unavailable. I could hear the stress in his sister's voice. Her mom had been taken somewhere, she hadn't been successful in finding out where. Something about needing a code word to get information on mental patients' whereabouts.

Lee called her at some point. After work, he went to the volleyball bar with his friends from work. He never called me back to tell me what was going on, or even sent a text, but whatever. He did, however, show up more than a little inebriated in the middle of the night. So that was good. :(

He told me most of the story and that they knew where his mom was. And that his sister couldn't be there the folowing night, so he would be spending the night in Dallas. And of course, being the responsible guy that he is, he stayed up while I went back to bed around 4.

Predictably, he wasn't up for getting up in the morning, so he called in to work. He stayed home and did laundry all day and was supposed to be in Dallas by 6. But he dozed off on the couch and didn't leave until nearly 5pm.

Alexa got home from school and called to tell me he'd left for Dallas. Funny, my phone must be broken, it never even rang when he tried to call me. Yeah, so that started a fight. I was trying so hard not to start one because of all the stress he had going on. But he was apparently in the fightin' mood.

He didn't call me when he got there and was kinda pissed that I called him. But I didn't care. I wanted him to know his daughter was running a fever. So I nursed her all evening. Kept her separated (for the most part) from her sisters.

At 11, he called and woke me up. He was home, the door was locked. B-O-O H-O-O. I wanted to say, anyway. I went and unlocked the door and he said somethign about his brother showed up with his boys, so blah, blah, blah he came back home and would go back the next night for his turn. I was sleepy and stumbled back to bed.

So, Wednesday night, Lee went straight from work to Dallas. Around 10, he sent me a text saying he was almost there. 45 minutes later, I called to find out where he was, if anything had happened. He'd stopped to pick up half-price Pappasitos fajitas and to have a couple of margaritas while he waited and neglected to mention it. So when he left, he sent a text saying he was leaving the parking lot NOW.

Thirty minutes later, I called to see where he was since it was only a 10-12 minute drive. He'd taken one of the guys from his store home. Didn't think telling me was necessary. Um, didn't you just tell me you were headed here and that you'd been drinking? Wasn't it you who I had this very same conversation with less than an hour ago? Inconsiderate prick.

So I started a movie since I was wide awake at midnight. Ugh.

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