Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Fun

The morning started off quite differently from most mornings. First of all, Alexa was up when I went to wake her. As in out of bed already.

As a greeting, she said sweetly to me "I want presents." Gee, honey, is it your birthday?
She was very excited about having her picture taken.
After work, I went to the school to pick up Alexa and her friend who had conveniently missed the bus. Then to daycare to pick up the babies. Then by the house to pick up the diaper bag. Then to the gas station, because I was o-u-t of gas. Finally, Lee calls to say he's leaving work. We head to the friend's house so she can change clothes and we can get official permission from her parents for her to go.
We went home to pick up Lee and so Alexa could change her clothes, then we headed out for an exciting night of birthday fun!
Really, all we did, since it was sooooo late now, was drive through McDonald's and go see 17 Again. But she had a great time because she had a friend along.
After the movie, we dropped Lee and the babies off at the house, then we took the friend home. I realized we hadn't taken any pictures all evening, so I took some candid shots while driving. Ever see Stripes? That's what it was like, almost.
I have about 20 shots of the friend next to my daughter, hands-for-face. And this one. And one other, with her eyes closed. Anyway, here's proof that Alexa has a friend.


  1. sounds like you had a busy day! the friends are cute in the back seat. ah, to be young!

    hey! i tagged you on my blog!

  2. Whew, you were busy.

    Your daughter is so pretty! But I remember not wanting my picture taken at that age either.

  3. I LOVE that comforter/sheet/whatever! Pink and grey and toxic? TOO COOL. I like your daughter already.

  4. So funny. I hate when I forget to take pictures till the very end of the day :)

    But it sounds like she had a great day!!


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