Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Non-Easter Easter

Sunday, Jasmyne slept in until 9. And since we were up until almost 2, so did Lee and I. He went about making 'the weekend big breakfast' and Jasmyne and I snoozed some more watched some DVD or another. Everyone knows you don't cook bacon naked. Everyone except Lee, apparently. A mistake he's sure to never repeat.

Alexa and Taylar came home while we were eating. They'd had bunnies for breakfast and weren't hungry. (Bunnies are the ultimate in Easter Sunday breakfast. You take two canned biscuits per bunny. Cut two ear shapes out of one biscuit, leaving a triangular shape for the head, and assemble them on the cookie sheet kinda like a snowman. Bake and add butter. Nostalgia! Yum!) We ate, then started getting ready to go.

Alexa was taking out the trash. Sometime previously, someone fell asleep and let his ice-cream melt couldn't finish his ice-cream and had thrown it away. The same someone who bought the store-brand trash bags. So we had a trail of vanilla through the dining room and a little into the living room. Lee stayed behind to clean up as I loaded the girls in the 'new cor'. (<=Taylar-ism) It was quite a bit cooler than the previous day, so Lee also changed out of his shorts into jeans. (I noticed hours later.) Good thing it took him so long, though. Taylar was stomping in puddles and caught one with a muddy bottom. We had come prepared, though. I locked the girls in their baby prisons buckled them into their seat-belts and took off the muddy sandal, wiped down the foot and shoe with the ample supply of baby wipes.

We do nothing in small measures around here. Our 'diaper bag' is a huge tote. It carries a full box of wipes wherever we go. None of this sissy 'travel box' stuff. In fact, Lee brought out with him a bowl full of cantaloupe. Not the small bowl. The one that held the whole cut-up melon with room to spare. Know what? It wasn't even conspicuous in the bag. Nevermind the 10 diapers and dozen fruit bowls/miscellaneous snacks that were in there. And the jackets: 2 hoodies.

So we were late again, by the time Lee got out there. We pulled up to the theater a minute or two after the show was supposed to start. Lee let me and Jasmyne out to go buy tickets, while he parked with the other two. There was no line, because who in their right mind goes to the movies at noon on Easter Sunday. Us, that's who. The show: Monsters vs. Aliens 3D. We don't go to the movies very often, so when getting our tickets, I just told her the ages and let her figure out what tickets to sell us.

Jasmyne and I had a minute to try and reach the water in the mall fountain as the rest of the fam came in. As we were walking in the door to the theater, I casually mentioned to Lee over my shoulder that it was nearly $50 for the tickets. FOR A MATINEE??? He took my credit card receipt and went back to ask the girl at the counter. Yep, $9.50 for each of the 3 kids, and $10.00 for each of us. I told you we should have gone to the Movie Tavern, it's at least $2 per ticket cheaper, but you didn't listen... (More, since they weren't showing 3D.) He pouted through the whole movie. Refused to wear his glasses. Oh, well. Shoulda done the homework yourself if you had such strong opinions. Jasmyne also refused to wear her glasses. Shock! She slept through half of the movie.

After we got home, he told me he didn't want to see 3-D in the first place. He said he told me that, but I still contend he had that conversation in his head. I put Taylar down for a nap while he picked up McDonald's. We ate while he got ready for work. He left for his evening shift. We thought about going outside, but somebody woke up cranky. I suppose that should have been a bigger push for getting some fresh air and exercise, but we ended up just being bums.

After Lee got home from work, we watched Twilight. Kind of as a peace offering on my part. I really didn't want to watch a vampire movie after dark, but it wasn't bad. (Thanks a lot Stephen King! We could have watched it the night before if not for your Salem's Lot.) He'd brought home Olive Garden for himself. Since I can't stand don't like Olive Garden very much, he got Taco Bell for me. Not much open after 10 on Easter... He stayed awake for about 10 minutes after he ate. I watched the whole movie. Alone. Again.

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