Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dodged That Bullet!

We were supposed to go to Dallas this weekend. For the whole weekend. To sleep on the prisoner torture device that lumpy mattress his mom calls a bed. Just thinking about it makes my back hurt. But we don't have to. Yaay for GSM!

Lee told me tonight that he has a GSM (General Store Meeting) at his job Saturday morning. They have them twice a year, the other one is around Halloween. They ususally start at 7AM. All the employees go, even the hungover (or still-drunk) ones. They last 2-4 hours and include games and prizes and stuff.

They have been on Dallas weekends before. That was a barrel of laughs. Me and our 3 kids at his mom's house. Without him. Not for nothin', but that's an ass-whippin' difficult at best. I much prefer to corral my heathens tend to my children in the comfort and privacy of my own home. Read: where I can be lazy about it and no one sees to judge me.

Here's where the disclaimer's supposed to go: Not that I have anything against his mom. And I guess I don't, per se. But she can be difficult, for sure. We won't mention the insanity, the medical issues or the drinking while on pain meds. Or just the drinking. My family growing up never drank. Ever. It was a traumatic event for my mom to go to the store and get a bottle of KahlĂșa for a recipe. I'm pretty sure she sent someone else. And the mexican Vanilla? It was used sparingly because of the alcohol content. Can you hear my eyes rolling?

Lee's been stocking a bar for when we have a house. There are a good 30 bottles of liquor or wine around here. Unopened. About a third of them are whisky. Which neither of us drink, btw. What's that? You drink whisky? Well, stop on by our new house. Next year. 'Cause our lease isn't up until the end of March.

Aside from the GSM, Lee's working Saturday night. Which is fine with me. The more he works, the more I can blog and read blogs without getting 'that look'. You know the one. From the person who doesn't use computers and can't understand people who do. You'd think he'd have some clue. The man texts twice as much as I do!

Anyway, Alexa's birthday is Monday, so I wasn't wanting to spend all weekend in Dallas. Trapped in his mom's house. Did I mention she smokes menthol cigarettes? Usually in her room with the door closed. But what good is that when the central air is on? Yeah, didn't think so.

Then there are the bugs. Everywhere. Ok, I'm exaggerating. Everywhere except the microwave. Which she uses at a food storage device. Um, hello? Half a step to your back and there's the fridge. Ever heard of a little thing called salmonella? Didn't think so.

So, there's all that to look forward to next weekend. Plus the drama. Because he doesn't call her. Even to say "we're fine". He doesn't want to commit to something he can't finish. I think he just know he has committment issues. Serious ones. But he also has major communication issues. It's her fault. I've heard stories that'd curl your hair. Then straighten it. Then curl it back. Seriously, it's a wonder he's not a stark raving lunatic.

Thursday night, he's been invited to the Mavs/Spurs playoff game. With his deaf friend. It'll be interesting, I'm sure. I asked if he was planning to take on eof the cameras with him. You know, to see if he was really going to a basketball game. He said yes, but we'll see if he 'forgets' to take it.

Tonight, we had dinner with some customers from his store. They'd already sent necklaces home for all the girls. He's been referring to them as the girls' adoptive grandparents for a few weeks. I'd never met them until tonight. They're really nice. We had Outback. It was a pretty good evening. It's ending pretty typically. He went to go to the batting cages (it's always somewhere) saying he'd be back right after. That was 4 hours ago and he's not answering his phone. Like I told him the other night: His Loss.

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