Monday, April 13, 2009

Super-Good Friday

Good Friday was the egg hunt at daycare. I left work at noon and rushed home to get the Jello-beans I'd made the night before. And then rushed to the drugstore to pick up a couple of boxes of Capri-Sun Only to get there and realize that naps start at 12:30. I was 2 hours early. (WTF, memory?)

Ok, so I went to Wal-Mart instead. Traffic between Wal-Mart and Target and the mall was almost like Christmas shopping season. My favorite. But I went anyway. Stopped at the bank for quarters on the way, thus starting my camera-phone dialog with Lee. I snapped a pic of the rolls of quarters and hit send. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well this one was technically worth less than a thousand: went to the bank and purchased 2 rolls of quarters, like I always do. Although my actual text would have read: got quarters. (You know what word's starting to sound weird to me? Quarters. Even though I don't say it aloud as I type, I hear it in my head. - Does anyone else do that?)

On to Wal-Mart. Pre-packaged Easter baskets for Sunday morning (pic dialog x 3 – I only bought baskets for the babies, but switched one out for something better)? Check. Overly-large stuffed animals? Check. Easter baskets to use for the egg hunts because one cute milk-carton crocheted basket and one purple trick-or-treat bag just aren't good enough? Check. Milk, which we're out of and need desperately and I told Lee not to get any the night before when he was out because I was going to get some at Wal-Mart tomorrow? Nope. Forgot that one. Oops.

Next, to Jack in the Box drive-thru for some lunch. (Pic dialog re: sliders) Then home to put all the loot in the closet and get my laptop. I would eat my chicken fajita pita on the way there and should have enough time to at least start an intro blog before time for the kiddies to wake up. The timing was perfect.

I took both cameras, because I've discovered the new one takes horrible videos. Bad sound, bad picture quality. And I haven't figured out how to make it snap a picture when I'm ready. I always have to wait until it's ready. *sigh* How many pictures have I missed because the girls just don't understand “Don't move”?

Jasmyne saw me much earlier than I had intended. Since she'd just woken up from her nap, she was clingy and whiny. I love that part of naps. Anyway, the next bit of afternoon was spent lugging her around. wishing her legs were long enough to touch the ground. I'm really not one to spoil her like that around the house. She cries at least 10 minutes every night while I'm cooking supper. I'll pick her up only long enough to put her in her highchair where she can see me and test gravity with play with her toys. (Point, where are you?) We were sort-of in public, so I spared my ears a little and schlepped her to and fro carried her, as requested ever so politely. They were on minimal staff, so I got the enjoyable task of keeping an eye on Taylar's class while the director got the eggs together to hide. Yippee!

It was snack-time before hunt-time, which was a great idea. Some of the parents sent plastic candy-filled eggs instead of boiled ones as instructed. We didn't need the kids snacking on those! Jasmyne's class got Fritos for their first “course”. I was glad I came to monitor my kids' sugar intake. I don't let Jasmyne have corn chips. She really doesn't have enough teeth for them. Luckily, she was still on my hip, far away from the offending chips! Taylar's class got big spiral Cheetos, an M&M cookie, a couple of Jello-beans, some Wavy Lays, some mini-marshmallows in spring colors and a butter cookie with strawberry filling. I declined the second cookie for both girls. Taylar wanted more chips, so she used Jasmyne's unattended napkin as her own personal buffet. I took the liberty of throwing out some of their snacks when they weren't looking nutritionally enriching their baby diets. They were none the wiser.

Finally, time to hunt eggs. Jasmyne's class went first. Three kids, 5 or 6 dozen eggs on a sloping 3' swath of grass between the chain-link fence and the sidewalk. I only took one camera out with me for some reason. It was her first-ever Easter egg hunt. *sigh* I took lots of pictures and a few videos. Just not good videos. I also convinced the teacher to bring the kids in early and leave about half of the eggs outside. Jasmyne had filled her basket about half-full. She was having fun shaking the eggs! (She still doesn’t know there was anything inside worth taking out.) I only had to show her once that she was supposed to pick up the egg and put it in her basket. After that, it was a game to see if she could throw each one in a little harder than the one before. (Seriously, what does a 1.5-year-old know about eggs+delicate=be gentle??? For that matter, what does a 3-year-old know about that? The same nothing, that’s what!)

We waited while the next older class did their hunting. Then I carried Jasmyne on my hip and we took pictures and videos of Taylar’s hunt. She’s the youngest in her class – just moved up in fact. So she was slow to get to the eggs. (Either that, or her classmates really resembled the way vampires scale walls in the movies.) She only ended up with 7 eggs, but she didn’t know her classmates had out-hunted her. Besides, their class only had boiled eggs to hunt. One girl in that class decided to pick a yellow dandelion and skip the eggs. To each her own, I guess. Taylar had a great time, as did Jasmyne. As soon as we got back in from the hunt, we packed up and high-tailed it outta there left quietly.

Lee was home when we got there, so I made him come out and help carry stuff in. The girls got to sit in the living room with their favorite baby-sitter while Lee and I had a ‘discussion’ in the other room before he went back to work for the second shift. Alexa came home and interrupted our conference, needing the deadbolt opened. Like it woulda killed her to wait outside 30-45 minutes. It was a nice day out. She had some room-cleaning to do, however, so she was out of earshot for the remainder of the discussion.

We girls were left on our own for the rest of the evening. I caught up on some blog-reading. And we ate what we wanted for supper. Whatever that was.


  1. I love those evenings where it's just the kids and I. Not that I don't want hubby around, just that it's nice not to have the big production of family mealtime.

  2. "I took the liberty of (throwing out some of their snacks when they weren't looking) nutritionally enriching their baby diets."

    I think this is a skill that God gives to mothers. Its a difficult maneuver to pull off but when executed correctly it makes all the difference!


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