Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Saturday was a great day. (For me.) Had some interesting fun during naptime. (Serioulsy, it was about 11-12 times for me. It'd been a while since it was that good.) Bought a new dress in under 5 minutes. And then went to my mom's for Easter Dinner. (No sister in sight.) Ahhh, Nirvana.

While Alexa and I were power-shopping, Lee was not getting the girls ready. I didn't fuss at him once, so blissed out from the naptime fun, was I. (I'm usually flipping out, in tears due to anger, etc. by now.) We hurried to get the babies ready. I got ready. All that was left was for Lee to get ready. We left him to throw his clothes on. No big deal. I called my mom from the car, left her a message that I realized we should have been there 10 minutes ago, but we were leaving soon, honest. As soon as Lee came outside.

Dinner was all ready when we got there, except for putting the potatoes under the broiler for 5 minutes and we were going to eat first. But maybe the kids were going to want to snack on their goodies when they were done hunting. Wouldn't it be better if they were already full? Ok, we'll go now.

We took a few pictures before starting out. Jasmyne wasn't happy at all. She's still afraid of Grandma and Grandpa. Lee took the camera that takes good video and I took the one that takes good pictures. Jasmyne was trying to hide in my skirt, but quickly realized this was the fun game from yesterday and got into it. She even let Grandpa show her where some eggs were.

Taylar was running back and forth having a great time! I didn't see much going on with Alexa. She was kinda helping Taylar. She's good like that.

More pictures, and we went in to eat. Mom had the cutest tea-light holders out on the table. I took a picture, of course. We ate. And ate. The babies were being very vegetarian, much to Lee's dismay. He's very much a carnivore!

After supper, we went in to the living room for fun and games. The eggs were split the long way and had a clear plastic band around them. Mom said they were all over the house after last week's mayhem, so I removed them from Taylar's eggs as she opened hers. She took all her candy and put it in the cello bag my mom was holding. Jasmyne didn't open any of hers. She just played in the mess after a basket got dumped. Alexa got a 3-D globe puzzle. She started working on it in the middle of the chaos. Apparently she wasn't in to the movie. (Lee brought Indiana Jones 4, something step-dad would like.)

I took lots and lots of pictures. Together, between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we took 113 pictures and 22 videos. My kids will never have to ask me for stories of their childhood – there'll be picture storybooks out the wazoo!

We left Alexa and Taylar to spend the night and to go to church in the morning. Jasmyne fell asleep on the way home. More fun ensued and we made chili dogs as we watched Quantum of Solace. Well, I watched about 95% of it. Lee watched 30-40% before he passed out.

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